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PS-1 Mini-Hy Cube Box Car - CB&Q #19865

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CB&Q “Chinese Red 11-67” in original CB&Q Chinese red paint. This car is a stunner and represents CB&Q’s second delivery of these cars from Pullman-Standard. It is an all Chinese red car with no diagonal door stripe, providing some variety in the paint scheme when compared to the 10-67 delivery which included the white door stripe. The side is proudly stenciled “Hydraulic Cushioning” to draw attention to the cushioned ride the draft gear provides. These cars were built to haul appliances and lasted into the 1990s in paper service on BN and make for distinctive cars on any layout. This CB&Q series has accurate November 1967 dates. These cars have return route stencils to EL Marion OH (car numbers 19840 and 19848) or NYC Findlay OH (car numbers 19865 and 19869), matching the prototypes. Keep in mind the real cars were pooled, so any roadname can work on your layout!

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PS-1 Mini-Hy Cube Box Car - CB&Q #19865

PS-1 Mini-Hy Cube Box Car - CB&Q #19865

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