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Concentrated Matte Medium - 16oz

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MATTE MEDIUM CONCENTRATE - 16 OZ. Matte Medium is a most economical transparent scenery cement. Matte Medium will never dry out or deteriorate. It will never turn yellow like regular household glue and will always remain flexiible. Matte Medium is ideal for foam textures, ballast and most scenic applications. Mix 1:4 parts water for 'ready-prepared.'

It is often asked "Why use ONLY MATTE MEDIUM?..." Why not thinned white glue or hair spray? For years, MATTE MEDIUM has been used extensively by professional model designers as a general all-purpose adhesive for foams, ground covers, ballast and scenic textures. Consider its many qualities:

1: MATTE MEDIUM is a synthetic acrylic-based adhesive. Acrylics are very flexible and transparent air-curing polymers. Unlike hairspray, MATTE MEDIUM will never dry out or deteriorate, will never yellow and will always remain flexible.

2: As its name implies, it has a matte or flat finish when dry. When diluted to the proper consistency, it is nearly invisible unlike white glue which leaves a stiff "waxy" appearance over the tree; and

3: MATTE MEDIUM has greater holding strength and flexibility for scenic purposes than white glue makes it a perfect adhesive for ballast.

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Concentrated Matte Medium - 16oz

Concentrated Matte Medium - 16oz

Concentrated Matte Medium - 16oz

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