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EZ Line - Heavy Green - 100 Foot Spool

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EZ line is unbeatable for simulating Telephone and Electric lines, all suspended wires, ropes, fences, etc.

This Elastic Polymer will stretch when bumped and instantly go back to it's original shape. No more re-glueing bumped telephone lines! No fuzz or kinks.

Sold in 100 foot spools, in colored or natural white options.

Two sizes are available to accurately simulate both electric lines, telephone cable, or whatever else you may need. A Berkshire Junction Exclusive Product.Looks great in all gauges, depending on the application.

Other uses of EZ Line: Ship Rigging, circus tents, guard rails, crane rigging, bows for archers, Antennae wires, and bi-plane wing struts and wires.


Choose from Two Sizes:

  • Fine – .010″ (0.25mm) diameter
    Recommended for N and HO model railroad scales.  This size works well for other models from 1/350 – 1/87 scale.
  • Heavy – .020″ (0.5mm) in diameter
    Recommended for S and O scale, and as high tension wires in HO Scale. Recommended for other scale models from 1/64 – 1/10 scale.

In some HO and S scale layouts, a mixture of large and small diameters looks best, for example, simulating both telephone cables and electric wires on a pole.

For other scale models, such as model planes and ships, our recommendations are based on what our customers have told us worked for them.

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EZ Line - Heavy Green - 100 Foot Spool

EZ Line - Heavy Green - 100 Foot Spool

EZ Line - Heavy Green - 100 Foot Spool

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