F40PH NPCU Cabbage - Amtrak California #90215

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In the 1990s, Amtrak began a rebuild program to convert F40PH locomotives into Non-Powered Control Units (NPCUs). These NPCUs allow “push-pull” service and eliminate the need to turn a train at terminals. The locomotive engineer controls the locomotive from the cab in the NPCU. During the conversion the prime mover and traction motors were removed and a large roll-up baggage door was added to the sides. This gave the NPCUs the nickname “Cabbages,” for cab-baggage car.

NPCUs are in service today on numerous routes in California, the northwest, the midwest and the northeast.

All-new correct NPCU body
Rapido’s smooth-running drive system
Operating, flashing ditch lights
Operating strobe lights and marker lights
User-controlled operating number boards
Modernized truck sideframes
100% accurate dimensions
Etched-metal grilles and windshield wipers
Unmatched underframe detail
Full, decorated cab interior
Accurate Amtrak NPCU sounds

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F40PH NPCU Cabbage - Amtrak California #90215

F40PH NPCU Cabbage - Amtrak California #90215

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