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Union Pacific 3739

Phase IIIb1 units built in 1980 (UP 3659-3768)
Blue MU receptacle covers
Gray grab iron on top of the nose
No printing on front door
Late electrical cabinet weld seam on long hood and roof
Late electrical cabinet “”zig-zag” seam
Extended-range "Post '80" dynamic brake housing with exhaust silencer
48" radiator "Q" Fans

All Union Pacific Road Numbers

Mid-1980s era repaints
Gray trucks
24” nose medallion
20” cab numbers
Painted-over class lights
Small UP medallion on sub-base doors
Class lights disabled and lenses painted over per prototype
Operating warning strobe light on cab roof*
Front EMD tall snowplow with grab irons
Standard front and rear drop steps
88" low short hood with wheel handbrake
Late sub-base doors with lift-off hinges
Bolted battery doors with large louvers
Cab with welded side window panels
Black window gaskets
Fireman’s side forward cab vent
Cab mirrors mounted fore and aft on both sides
Standard sunshades
Motorola ASP-16 “Firecracker” antenna on cab roof
Retrofitted small “ice skate” antenna next to horn (EOT)
Leslie RS-3L-R Horn
Stand-off ECAFB (early)
Intermediate inertial intake grills
Corrugated radiator intake grills
Frame-mounted bell
Flush-style EFCO
Highly detailed 4,000 gallon fuel tank with fuel fillers and gauges
3-hose MU hose clusters
Forward engineer’s side sidesill notch
Straight uncoupling levers with “loop” handles
Notched pilot faces with lifting slots
Forward engineer’s side sidesill notch
"Tall" stepwells
Intermediate jacking pads
Late center axle snubbers
Detailed HT-C trucks with brake plumbing, traction motor, and air duct

This DCC & Sound equipped locomotive also features:

ESU V4.0 “Full Throttle” decoder
Dual cube-type speakers
ESU designed PowerPack with two super capacitors
Operates on both DC and DCC layouts

Rivet Counter SD40-2 Locomotive Features

All-new model
Fully assembled
Four (4) different road numbers
Dimensionally accurate truck centers
Underbody frame rail with separate plumbing and traction motor cables
Sectioned treadplate detail on the walkways
Detailed cab interior with front and rear walls, crew seats, and standard AAR control stand unless noted
Sliding side cab windows
Accurate hood door and long hood detail
Accurately profiled dynamic brake housings
See-through dynamic brake intakes with resistor grid detail
Factory-applied wire grab irons, wire lift rings, windshield wipers, snowplows, horns, coupler cut levers, trainline hoses, and sand filler hatch covers
Semi-scale coupler buffer equipped with ScaleTrains.com durable metal semi-scale E Type knuckle couplers
Directional LED headlights
LED lighted number boards
All-wheel drive
All-wheel electrical pick-up
Dual flywheel
Motor with 5-pole skew wound armature.
Printing and lettering legible even under magnification
Color matched to Tru-Color Paint colors whenever possible
Operates on Code 70, 83 and 100 rail
Packaging safely stores model
Minimum radius: 18”
Recommended radius: 22”

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EMD SD40-2 Locomotive - Union Pacific #3739

EMD SD40-2 Locomotive - Union Pacific #3739

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