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BN 8023: Phase IIc1 unit built in Mar. 1978 (BN 8009-8029)
◾Era represented by configuration: As-Built
◾88” low short hood with wheel handbrake
◾Late sub-base doors with lift-off hinges, and BN-style latched battery doors with small louvers and lift-off hinges
◾Welded ECAFB
◾Cab with riveted side window panels and sunshade tracks w/ standard sunshade
◾Leslie S-3K Horn
◾Federal Standard 372 “gumball machine” beacon on number board housing
◾Operating front and rear tri-color class lights
◾Motorola “Firecracker” comm. antenna
◾Intermediate inertial intake grills
◾Corrugated radiator intake grills
◾Curved radiator grill grab irons
◾4,000-gallon fuel tank with dual fuel fillers, and round inset gauge on right side
◾Late jacking pads
◾Aft engineer’s side sidesill notch
◾Tab-mount EFCO
◾“Tall” stepwells
◾Standard-range dynamic brake housing without batten strip
◾Straight uncoupling levers with end loops
◾Front EMD-style pilot plow w/ MU hose doors
◾Rear MU hose retainer boxes
◾3-hose MU hose clusters
◾Early axle snubbers

This Rivet Counter SD40-2 Locomotive Features :
◾Fully assembled
◾Dimensionally accurate truck centers
◾Underbody frame rail with separate plumbing and traction motor cables
◾Sectioned treadplate detail on the walkways
◾Accurate hood door and long hood detail
◾Accurately profiled dynamic brake housings
◾See-through dynamic brake intakes with resistor grid detail
◾Factory-applied wire grab irons, wire lift rings, windshield wipers, snowplows, horns, coupler cut levers, and trainline hoses
◾Semi-scale coupler buffer equipped with ScaleTrains.com durable metal semi-scale E Type knuckle couplers
◾Directional LED headlights
◾LED lighted number boards
◾All-wheel drive
◾All-wheel electrical pick-up
◾Dual flywheel
◾Motor with 5-pole skew wound armature.
◾Printing and lettering legible even under magnification
◾Color matched to Tru-Color Paint colors whenever possible
◾Operates on Code 70, 83 and 100 rail
◾Packaging safely stores model
◾Minimum radius: 18”
◾Recommended radius: 22”


This DCC & sound equipped locomotive also features:
◾ESU-LokSound 4.0 decoder with “Full Throttle” features
◾Single cube-type speakers
◾Accurate FDL-16 prime mover and auxiliary sounds, horn, bell, and more
◾Operates on both DC and DCC layouts
◾Alternating ditch lights, per prototype

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EMD SD40-2 Locomotive - Burlington Northern #8023

EMD SD40-2 Locomotive - Burlington Northern #8023

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