New Website

New Website

We hope you like the 'new look' MJ web site which in some respects was long overdue! Most teething problems have been ironed out so we can now spend time 'customising' some areas to better suit.

The following are issues that we are aware of -

- Passwords - depending on the make up of your password from the old site it will reject when attempting to login -' Authentication failed' is what you will see. If this happens just 'click' on 'Forgot Your Password'. This will send an email requesting that you confirm your request. You MUST click on the text immediately following - 'To confirm this action, please use the following link', NOT the Model Junction Online link below the black line. You will then receive a second email with your new password. We would recommend that you copy and paste this new password into the password login box to avoid any issues with the characters. Copy all of the password following the text - Password:

- You will need to put your address in the system again with your first order on the new site. Unfortunately, we have had to delete all the old addresses as the new site presents shipping options by location but within a format that was not the same as the old site.

- All outstanding orders from the old site were updated to 'Shipped' and some details are no longer available to view. Rest assured though we do have manual records for all outstanding Advance Reservations, Order Non-Listed Items and Backorders. As we ship you will receive an order update accordingly as before.